Farruq's reflections

Second day

Today, everybody started on their Applied Project Challenge(APC). The project I chose and was assigned to had two APCs, the 'Extraction of Caffeine from Beverages' and the 'Fastest Ball Challenge'. The first one was very fun as I get to 'mix around' with chemicals which existence are unknown to me. One thing I learnt is that caffeine smells like green tea. The 'Fastest Ball Challenge' was true to its name, it was challenging. But despite all the fooling around with the other students and having a very hearty tea break, my group did our best to clear the challenges.

First day
I feel that the two parts to the projects are not related to each other and that we can learn different things in the same project. About the plenary sessions, I didn't pay much attention on the first session, mostly because I was hungry. But I remember the speaker saying "Have fun in life". Something I can learn in the second session is that we should keep things simple, and then perfect it later. and what I learn in the last session is that everything is affected by the littlest of things.

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