Choon Wee's reflections


Today the whole level was split into their respective projects. I was assigned into Project 3 which consist of caffeine extraction experiment and fastest ball challenge. 
Today we did the caffeine extraction and fastest ball challenge. For the caffeine extraction we are suppose to extract caffeine from tea. It was a really interesting experiment. For the fastest ball challenge we were suppose to make the ball go down the slope the fastest. 

 Personally I liked the caffeine extraction better than the fastest ball challenge however i did too learnt something from that project. What i can learn from the caffeine extraction is the practice caution and must be alert as we need to be alert and be careful not to mix up the mixtures or solution otherwise it would cause more problems and we might need to redo the whole thing which requires a lot of time. Luckily everything went well for us and our TA was very helpful and helped us when we do not understand anything. He explained the concept behind the reactions from the solutions or mixtures. From the fastest ball challenge i learn that teamwork is very important as it ensures that the work gets done quickly. We needed each other’s help as we only had a limited amount of time to complete the project. If we did not have team work , we might not be able to complete the challenge on time

It made me realize that discipline is very important as when we were in the labs we needed to be very disciplined. We must have the self discipline to not fool around and focus on our project. it made me realize that there is a time and place for everything. Sure we can joke around however there is a limit.


Today the whole of the secondary 2 had in a total of 3 lecture sessions. Earthquake studies , I.T Animation and Nano-technology. I find that all 3 of them was very interesting because i have never go into details about all this topics or subjects before.
I find that the one on Earthquake is very useful as it allows us to predict future Earthquakes and this will ensure that there would be lesser natural disaster deaths. I find the way they find out the time of the Tsunami very interesting as they have to dig up the affected area and then i find the layers of soil or sediments that was accumulated over the years interesting as we dont see that very often it looks like layers of cake or something. I heard from the lecturer of the Nano technology that advance nano tech can help in saving lifes too. They might be used in bullet proof vests. That kind of technology may determine the life or death of a person. They also showed us the process of the making of an animation. I learnt that 2Ds are more expensive than 3D as 3D technology is more cost efficient. 

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