Aloysius's reflections


Today, we had plenary sessions on what the professors are niche in. We had 3 different plenary sessions on Earthquake Studies, I.T for Animation, and Nano-Technology. I hope to be able to learn a lot from my professors in-charge, like the different formulas on The Fastest Ball Challenge. I also hope to find out the reason behind the 3 different methods used for extracting caffeine from beverages. I also learnt from the plenary sessions that there are many things to prevent natural disasters from creating to much damage to an area. For example, reading the frequency of tsunami and earthquakes to predict when the next tsunami or earthquake would occur. I also learnt that using Nano-Technology, we are able to do many things like carving words on a strand of hair. And we also learnt that there are more 3D movies compared to 2D movies now, not because of the looks of the movie in general, but because 2D movies cost more money to produce, compared to a 3D movie.


Today, we met our respective project teachers, Dr. Alessandra Bonanni and Dr. Ho Shen Yong. They taught us how the different methods that would change the final results. We learnt that the 3 different methods of extracting the caffeine from beverages needs to be executed properly, step by step, in order to successfully get the solid caffeine. And we also learnt that the height of the ramp and the placement of the ball on the ramp is crucial for the time the ball takes to pass the 2 photogate. I have learnt that during the extraction of caffeine, patience is greatly need, especially when we are waiting for the water to boil. For the fastest ball challenge, we need to be very accurate with the measurements in order for the ball to pass through the 2 photogates in a specific time.

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